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Thank you so much for visiting Amie Brady Photography's blog. This is where I will share sneaks from sessions, specials, and other pieces of information I want to share with my clients and potential clients. I am so honored to do what I love so much. Photographing sweet babies, gorgeous kiddos, and beautiful families is a passion of mine and I am glad you have stopped by to share in this experience with me. Please take some time to leave some comments if you would like as well, I love hearing from you and of course thank you for visiting Amie Brady Photography!

So far I have survived 2 weeks of this 365 challenge, breaking my previous record!! haha! I have to admit that some days are easier than others but I really am enjoying this challenge and all the photos I am getting to take.

Week two includes pictures from Saturday May 16th through Friday May 22nd. We had a pretty “lazy” week here, the weather warmed up for a few days and then the rain came again but we are learning that here in Tacoma we have to take those gorgeous days as they come AND get outside and enjoy it–leave the chores and laundry for the rainy days ;-)

Saturday May 16th: Mr. Maverick is fiercely independent and loving all the new food he is getting to try, he wants to do everything himself which means LOTS of baths lately to wash sticky hands, face, and hair–love this little boy so much!!

Sunday May 17th: BIGGEST and littlest, love seeing my boys interact *swoon*

Monday May 18th: Summer water!! It was delicious :-D

Tuesday May 19th: I have been taking Maverick’s picture with his moose every month–happy 9 months sweet love!

Wednesday May 20th: “Braver than most” yes these boys are, I am loving these shirts by a friend and fellow military spouse. My boys are resilient and teach me so much with how they handle change. They have been troopers through military moves, saying goodbye to family and friends, starting over in a new place, AND everything we went through with Maverick and his medical needs—they are amazing and so brave <3

Thursday May 21st: water fun! One of those days that the sun was out and we soaked it up!!

Friday May 22nd: and then it was a yucky weather day so we caught up on laundry and made banana bread ;-)








I have the pleasure of being featured on a few fellow photographer’s own 365 challenges and I wanted to link to their blogs so you can see their amazing work!! Sharleen of Sharleen Mey Photography (located in Honolulu, HI)  and Jamie of Precious Stone Photography (located in Fort Hood, TX) Keep checking their blogs for weekly photos of all their favorites throughout that week!!

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I have always wanted to dive right in to a 365 photo challenge and there were some times I *tried* but never could stick with it. After going back and forth I decided I would try it here in Tacoma once we got settled and try to photograph my children and our family as much as I possible could with my big girl camera and NOT just my cell phone, like I have the habit of doing!! So far I am almost halfway through week two and really enjoying it AND even have my husband asking me “hey did you get your picture today?”. It has been a lot of fun trying some new things, exploring new places, ALL while capturing my children during this time. Tacoma and the whole Washington state is beautiful and I can’t wait to look back over this next year on what we got to see and explore.

This is WEEK ONE, Saturday May 9th through Friday May 15th.

Saturday May 9th: We drove up to Mount Rainier National Park and explored and hiked a little. These two rarely get photographed together because my 7 year old is not a huge fan of the camera but I adore this shot.

Sunday May 10th: Mother’s day 2015!! We went to Point Defiance Zoo–beautiful zoo and a beautiful day!

Monday May 11th: Monday morning–mornings are hectic here and my oldest volunteered to start helping with lunches, he is such a HUGE help to me and such a good big brother <3

Tuesday May 12th: Hobby Lobby trip–love that place ;-)

Wednesday May 13th: Happy 9 months Maverick Steele!!

Thursday May 14th: My 3 year old had his well child check up and he was NOT impressed with the gown they had him wear, lol.

Friday May 15th: Tacoma Rainier’s baseball game–My 5 year old was convinced he was going to catch a foul ball and was so excited to take his glove to the game. NO ball came home with us BUT we all had a blast at the game!!









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We are loving all the new things we get to explore here in Tacoma and the surrounding area and this past weekend we took a drive north to Mount Vernon where we saw the gorgeous tulips and daffodils–the Skagit Tulip Festival. Beautiful does not even begin to describe these flowers!! We had stopped and got out at the Roozengaarde Garden but even beyond that was fields and fields of tulips and daffodils!! The fields were just a little too muddy for us to trek through with the boys–should have brought our boots!!–but the garden was perfect. Lots of great areas for pictures, yummy things to eat, plus lots of bunches of tulips to buy!! I am known to not have a green thumb so I only bought two bunches of tulips, so far I have kept them alive for 4 days, awesome!!

Our 2 hour drive was well worth it but this gorgeous sight–hoping I can get my husband and children up here every Spring while we are living in the Pacific Northwest :-D



IMG_2137 IMG_2143 IMG_2144 IMG_2151 IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2166 IMG_2175 IMG_2182 IMG_2192 IMG_2194 IMG_2195

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My youngest Maverick was due for his monthly moose photo but I am still trying to find all my photography stuff here in Tacoma so it took me a few extra weeks!!

I love baby photography sessions but love this little guy more! Maverick is my youngest son–he has 4 older brothers–and he is an absolute sweetheart!! Before he was born we had decided on how we were going to decorate his room and came up with a moose/woodland animal theme. We found this stuffed moose at Ikea and I fell in love!! I decided I was going to do monthly photos of this little guy with his moose and then eventually print and hang the collage in his room! I had planned to do one of him right when he was born but at 1 week old Maverick was diagnosed with a heart defect-TGA or Transposition of the Great Arteries and needed open heart surgery to correct this defect. He spent about 3 weeks in the hospital and had a few complications but is doing great now!! It is amazing to me still to see how much he is growing and to see that beautiful little smile of his despite all the obstacles he faced in his first month of life. He truly is a little miracle baby and we are so blessed and our lives are so full because of him and his four big brothers!!


The pictures go in order from month 1 to month 7 and I really do think his moose is shrinking!! Little guy is getting so big!!

1month 2months 3months 4months 5months 6months 7months

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Another sweet little newborn on the blog today! This time it is sweet Ellie and her big brother Patrick, plus mom, dad, and grandma!! They are precious, right? I first met this family when I did Patrick’s newborn pictures–I love repeat clients, it is such an honor to be asked to take a family’s pictures year after year and milestone after milestone. I love being a part of that!! I am pretty excited to expand my business in to the Tacoma area and be able to make Tacoma newborn photography a huge part of my portfolio!! I really believe that newborn sessions are such a timeless capture. Babies change so much in those first few weeks and you really do tend to forget those teeny toes, tiny little hands, and how small they were when you brought them home from the hospital!!

This sweet family also has the best dog–his name is Seamus and he is just such a protector of these babies PLUS he is totally one of the kids. Loves the attention and you can tell he is such a huge part of their family. I always love when sessions can incorporate the furry family members too!!


IMG_0617 IMG_0628 IMG_0660 IMG_0664 IMG_0674 IMG_0676 IMG_0682 IMG_0684 IMG_0691 IMG_0700 IMG_0706 IMG_0713 IMG_0719 IMG_0735 IMG_0755 IMG_0774


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While settling here in Tacoma I am playing catch up on blog posts and sharing some of my favorite newborn photography sessions from the last few months. There are so many so bear with me!!

Today I am focusing on some sweet newborn photography sessions and first up is Christopher. This sweet 5 day old newborn came to visit me right after Christmas time. I was so excited to photograph him because I had done his big brother’s newborn pictures just about two years earlier!! It is amazing how fast time goes!

This sweet baby was a doll and slept so good for his newborn session and through each little set up we did. I could have had him stay for hours. We incorporated a few little props in Christopher’s session that we used for big brother Michael’s session–the little red mustache hat and the blue blanket that their grandma made for them–so special!

IMG_8071 IMG_8072 IMG_8080 IMG_8083 IMG_8088 IMG_8095 IMG_8100 IMG_8110 IMG_8118 IMG_8121 IMG_8123 IMG_8127 IMG_8131 IMG_8140 IMG_8162 IMG_8164

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Lizzie is ONE! Tacoma baby photographer

Posted on March 23, 2015

Before we left Maryland and moved here to the Tacoma area I had a few baby photography sessions before all of my studio gear was packed up. Miss Lizzie was one of them and she turned ONE! Smash cake sessions are always so fun and what makes them fun is that you never know how the little one will react to cake. Lizzie LOVED her cake and had me and her mom laughing with how much she enjoyed it!! I had photographed Lizzie one time before in the Fall for a family photography session and it was great to see how much she had grown since then. Such a sweet and precious girl and I am so very glad I got to see her for this session before we moved.

Happy 1st birthday Lizzie!!

IMG_1411 IMG_1417 IMG_1428 IMG_1434 IMG_1438 IMG_1441 IMG_1461 IMG_1474 IMG_1509 IMG_1527 IMG_1563 IMG_1569 IMG_1578 IMG_1583 IMG_1611 IMG_1619 IMG_1625 IMG_1626

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My family and I are diving in to the Pacific Northwest and loving it!! My only tiny complaint is that I wish I saw the sun a bit more–all this rain is driving me a little crazy–but I do know that all this rain makes the grass green and brings out all those gorgeous flowers that I can’t wait to see!! We have only been here a little over two weeks but have tried to explore as much as time has allowed, we are so anxious for the weather to warm up just a bit more so we can explore Mt. Rainier and next month we have a whole list of things we want to do–Puyallup Spring fair, the tulips near Mt Vernon, and the Great Wolf Lodge for one of my little guy’s birthday!!

Just some photos of my children enjoying the campgrounds on base at McChord AFB.

IMG_1844blog IMG_1854blog IMG_1866blog IMG_1890blog IMG_1895blog IMG_1909blog IMG_1974blog

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9 month old Adeline

Posted on February 26, 2013

Miss Adeline is one of my little baby planners..I first met this sweet girl when she was 3 months old and she has continued to come and visit me at 6 months and again at 9. I can’t believe our next session together is going to be for 1st birthday photos!!! She is such a sweet little and has the most precious personality. I can’t wait to see her again in a few months!!


IMG_7719b IMG_7768b IMG_7822

Enjoy and have a wonderful week!! <3

XO Amie



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I promise…

Posted on February 20, 2013

to do a better job of updating around here!!

A few years back —the end of 2011–I got this blog designed all up for the purpose of sharing sneak peeks, specials, and to stay in touch with current clients and hopefully soon-to-be-clients. Life got busy and Facebook became a WAY easier way to share with you all!! I still plan to utilize the ease of Facebook but I really want to make sure I am reachable to those that are not obsessed with Facebook on Facebook :-) This is my goal for this month!! Share more on here…you might even want to stay tuned for a special offer ;-)

A quick share tonight because really what post is important without a gorgeous little one in it! These little ones are what make my business what is it <3

Meet Miss Rubie Skye—pretty baby girl born the 25th of January. Are you wanting to book a newborn session for your own little one? The best time to book is BEFORE you have them!! I do all my newborns before they hit 2 weeks old and the ideal age is between 5-10 days old–it is never too early to book <3


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